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The Integrated Vegetation Management Association of British Columbia (IVMA of BC) is a recognized organization of professional people dedicated to the responsible practice of all aspects of vegetation management working for and providing information to its members in British Columbia and across Canada. 


The IVMA of BC Membership is governed by a President and Board of Directors. Our association is made up of representatives from many sectors of the vegetation management industry including independent contractors, consultants, railway officials, manufacturers, suppliers, park operators, utilities managers, nursery operators, professional foresters, agrologists, biologists, university staff and students, and government officials.


The IVMA of BC provides information on vegetation management across the globe.  We are dedicated to providing our membership with the best and most recent vegetation management information and news available on government actions and regulations, and suppliers and contractors.  

On behalf of its members, IVMA of BC works actively with regulatory representatives and experts in the scientific community to ensure federal and provincial legislation governing industrial vegetation management continues to be based on sound scientific and economic principles. The IVMA of BC also continues to be dedicated to the on-going support of its members through the provision of professional development opportunities and other educational tools to facilitate best management practices in industrial vegetation management.


Our activities include: 


  • acting as liaison between industry and government agencies,

  • production of an informative journal and website,

  • organization of field tours,

  • communication with other not-for-profit associations in other provinces and countries,

  • formation of various committees to address key issues affecting our industry,

  • bi-annual conferences featuring guest speakers.


In the past, our association has provided consultation over important issues, such as: as legislation reform, development of standards, operating procedures and process review. We hope not only to maintain, but also improve lines of communication with local and federal governments, agencies, associations, companies and the general public.


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