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IVMA of BC provides a valuable tool for members: recertification for pesticide applicators WITHOUT the need for re-writing the applicator exam. Simply register in the Continuing Education Credits program, and collect credits each time you attend credit-certified conferences, training sessions, webinars or workshops which are endorsed and sanctioned under the program. Please visit the Government of BC's Pesticide Certification & Training web page for a detailed overview of the program.

To accumulate credits toward recertification through IVMA of BC, we ask that your membership be in good standing at the time your credits are acquired. If you are not yet a member of IVMA of BC and would like to join, a Membership and Continuing Education Credit Program Application Form is available for your convenience. You may also register as a member online on our Become a Member page, and then submit your attendance forms by email.

Please see our Continuing Education Credits page for detailed, up to date information.

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