Ministry of Environment, Integrated Pest Management Unit Modified Services

Continuing Education Credit System for Recertification of Pesticide Applicators


If you hold a valid 5-year Pesticide Applicator Certificate, or if your certificate has expired within the last 12 months, there are two ways to become recertified as a Pesticide Applicator:

  1. By writing an exam, or

  2. By collecting twenty (20) Continuing Education Credits (CECs: 1 CEC = 1 hour of training). These credits can be obtained by attending Continuing Education courses endorsed or sanctioned under the MoE/IVMA of BC program such as:

  • conferences/forums

  • webinars

  • training sessions (can be in house)

  • valid First Aid Certificate (equivalent to one CEC in the Human Health category)

CEC course materials in these sessions must be related to one of the following Certificate Examination Matters/Categories including:

  • General pesticide characteristics

  • Act and Regulations

  • Human Health*

  • Pesticide Safety

  • Pest Management*

  • Application Technology*

  • Emergency Response

* A minimum of 3 credits must be obtained for training in each category denoted with an asterisk.

Applicants (members of IVMA of BC) can accumulate credits toward recertification over a 5-year period, provided they hold a 5-year Applicator Certificate in a License Category managed by the IVMA of BC (Aerial, Forestry, Industrial Vegetation, and Noxious Weed) prior to applying to the program.

Note: If you hold an Applicator Certificate in another license category, please visit the Pesticide Recertification website ( for other partner organizations.

​Be sure to sign in on the attendance record at sanctioned CEC program conferences, training sessions and workshops. Doing so will ensure that your CECs will be documented by the IVMA of BC Credit Coordinator. You must be a member of the IVMA of BC at the time you attend courses for your credits to be retrieved.

​To check credit status, you must email the IVMA of BC Credit Coordinator ( to enquire on the number of your accumulated credits. The coordinator will check the data and determine if you are eligible for renewal. If you are, the coordinator will issue a letter to you, assuming you are a member in good standing, stipulating that you have met the requirements of the regulation and can request recertification. You must then submit the letter and the required payment along with a request for a new certificate to Heidi Delmonego, Pesticide Exam Administrator at the Golden Office of Service BC, by either:

If you choose mail, you can pay by cheque. If you choose to fax or email, payments can only be made by credit card by calling the pesticide line at 1-866-205-2102 or 250-344-3406.

If you are hosting a training session, workshop or conference and would like to be included in the Continuing Education Program, you must contact the IVMA of BC ( at least 45 days prior to the event and must be able to provide supporting documentation (according to IVMA of BC and MoE standards) in order to ensure the eligibility of the event for this Continuing Education effort. For more information on what is required, please email the IVMA of BC Credit Coordinator at


For specific questions, see the following information:



  • Arranging Pesticide Exams - Contact the Service BC office at 1-886-205-2102 or 250 354-6585.


  • To Order Study Materials for Pesticide Certification - contact BC Gov. Distribution Centre at 1-800-282-7955 (toll free for BC only) or 250-952-4460.

For excerpts from the regulations, please see the following:

The Ministry of Environment, Integrated Pest Management Unit has modified the services they are currently providing due to the Covid 19 pandemic. The primary focus of the  Ministry will be on certification and ensuring essential services can continue to operate. ServiceBC has restricted which exams they will schedule based on essential services which are those that focus on food production and sanitation. Industrial vegetation to support safety operations is also included as essential.


As of May 11, 2020, forestry exams have been added to the essential category list and will now be offered by ServiceBC.


ServiceBC has cancelled all group exams until further notice. As the focus of Ministry efforts has been on certification, they have extended all certificates that were expiring in April. These will be good until September 31, 2020 to avoid the need for people to go into a ServiceBC office and write an exam.


The IVMA will inform all our members of any further updates received from the Ministry of Environment. 

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